About Cloë Collette

"Experiencing pure joy and connection to the source of nature blesses me with an immense sense of oneness. With this energy, I create. Each piece becomes a celebration of life's abundance"

Travelling the world extensively from early childhood to present, Cloë Collette visited various remote and tribal places. These early experiences of wild nature, indigenous cultures and their sacred art left a deep impression on her.

Being influenced by these experiences, her art translates these ancient symbols into a contemporary form. Curiosity and experiments keep evolving her creations.

The name ‘Cloë’ means ‘A blossoming fresh sprout’ and this reflects her passion to create and blossom fresh energy into the world. The journey of growth and inner transformation is a fundamental part of Cloë’s approach to life. Her brightly coloured mandalas are a reflection of her lively and luminous personality.

Cloë lives and works in the hilly greens of Mallorca, the 'island of calm'. Overlooking the Balearic Sea. she immerses herself day by day into the spirit of art. She loves to create in the surrounding mountains and intends to convey the magnificent glow of nature through her work.

"Beauty is everywhere, we just need to notice. Being completely here and now with my attention is what gives me the inspiration and dedication to create.”