Your personal mandala

Mandalas are powerful objects to reflect upon and manifest dreams with. Share with me your story or vision so I can weave your personal meditation object or decorative mandala with a clear intention. This way, your art piece becomes a truly personal object, perhaps reflecting your greatest inspirations in life, your dream or a significant experience.

You're invited to call me on +34-632778534 so we can discover how Mandala Wall Art can bring new energy into your space and life! 


Step 1: Personal Consultation

Let's connect! Your story, your dream, the energy of your space....anything you wish to share is a source of inspiration for me. These impressions awaken visions of your personal piece. Mandalas are powerful objects to manifest dreams with and to reflect upon, and I weave with this intention.

Together we define the theme, would you like a calming and enchanting mandala to soothe, or a dynamic and energizing piece to motivate? Will your mandala reflect a natural scene and enhance the atmosphere of an interior or exterior? Or do you wish to share a personal item or story, which I use as a source of inspiration during weaving?

Step 2: Material selection

After choosing your favourite pattern, I select matching materials, textures and the colour pallet. Each mixture of materials is 100% unique for your piece and imported from all over the world from small suppliers. You can receive samples and mock-ups from the initial selection. Colours and materials will be fine tuned until the final assortment fully meets your satisfaction.

Short on time?

Not everyone has time to be involved in the creation process - it is your choice how little or how much you are involved.

Please contact me for more information and a pricelist.

  • “Many walking into the hotel, stand still for a moment and take out their camera. Having a piece of art that is not seen in other places makes us original and this is how we see our hotel too.”

    Mr. Kowasan, The Netherlands

  • "You capture and express pure delight in your design. I absolutely love my 'Phoenix in the sky mandala' and wholeheartedly recommend her work to anyone who is looking for a unique piece of art that celebrates life and nature."

    Sebastian, Switzerland

  • “When people walk into my office and see your mandala in reception, it always makes them stop and look again. I enjoy seeing the impact on their eyes! Business has never been better, the mandala is a great 'ice-breaker'!"

    Julia, USA

  • "Wow i'm amazed and touched by the Beauty and uniqueness of my 'Desert Mandala' - thank you so much for your energywork! It captures and expresses pure delight. "

    Haim, Israel

  • “I remember you offered me the chance to be involved in the creative process of making my mandala. My original response was that you’re the artist, not me! However, seeing the mandala just as I wished it to be, I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to be part of it.”

    David, Spain

  • “We have had many pieces of art on our wall that we have removed after a few months as we got bored by it. The Mandala made by Cloë has been there for years and the beautiful colours, patterns and 3D shape make it fascinating to see, every time again."

    Bob, Germany