Mandala Materials

Natural Yarns

Each mandala is made from world’s most natural and luxurious yarns. I combine natural fibers with varying textures such as Baby Alpaca, Tussar silk, Banana Yarn, Goat Angora and many more. These materials originate from Peru, Brazil, Japan, Mongolia and many more countries. 


Colours of nature

For each art piece, the search for available materials in that season begins, and a fine selection is made. Varying textures of handspun yarns result in vibrant and natural pieces. My choice of colour palette is rich, luminous and mystical.


Environmental sustainability and ethical conditions for the craftspeople are a high factor as I carefully select the yarns. These fibers originate in Peru, Japan, Mongolia, Italy and many more countries, keeping local traditions alive. Small fair-trade cooperations support the shepherds in the Andes and its local women who spin yarns using traditional methods. The dying process is another piece of art on itself, done on small wood fires by hand. 

Being Original

Each mandala embodies a rich background of culture and craftsmanship. In Japan for example, a tiny yarn production business makes deeply intriguing colour compositions by picking many small strings of organic Tussah silk, Mohair and Merino Wool by hand. They turn these into one single skin of yarn, leaving no two skeins to turn out the same. Their creativity and enthusiasm makes them one of a kind. Originality and inventiveness awaken a new dimension in life.